The Cove Retreat

Nestled in its own private cove among baobab trees lining the beach, lies The Cove Retreat.

Situated 12km south of the bustling, busy beach of Diani, the Cove offers exclusivity, pampered service, and the peace and quiet of a magical Retreat away from hectic and harried lifestyles. Here there is no noise pollution. The only sound you will hear is the wishwash of the tide, the distant call of a fish eagle, and the occasional leaf rustle of a Colobus monkey roaming the baobabs trees on a family outing.

Add to this to the startling colour of a vivid green forest beneath the etched blue of a tropical sky, the glazed white beach and aquamarine of the slip of ocean before the crests of waves on the coral reef, and The Cove experience, a new life, a truly magical holiday experience.